What am I offering?

I offer express restoration of your hacked WordPress websites. I guarantee fast and effective restoration of control over your website, bringing it back to a functional state without compromising SEO and business.

Rapid Restoration

Instant restoration of your website after hacking to minimize downtime and data loss.

Enhanced Protection

Providing unique methods and innovative solutions to ensure reliable protection of your website from future attacks.

Personalized Approach

Developing individual restoration and protection strategies tailored to your unique needs and business goals.

How it works:

Why it’s important to use this service

Preserving Reputation

Website restoration helps avoid loss of trust from users.

Preventing SEO Loss

The longer your site is down, the more chances of losing positions in search results. Additionally, a virus on your domain can negatively impact your domain’s rating in the future.

Security Strengthening

Receive recommendations for enhancing protection to prevent future attacks.

Price offer

Prices for website restoration after a hack may vary depending on the complexity of the attack, the size of the site, and the necessary security measures. I offer three service packages:

Note: Each package provides comprehensive protection and restoration of the website after a hack, taking into account various needs and budgets of clients. Individual agreements and additional services are also possible upon client’s request.

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