What am I offering?

Updating the PHP version for your WordPress site is a crucial step in maintaining its security and performance. This service allows you to avoid vulnerabilities, improve loading speed, and ensure compatibility with the latest CMS technological requirements.


Updating PHP to the latest version to protect against vulnerabilities and malware.


Improving site loading speed and optimizing performance.


Guaranteed compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and its plugins.

How it works:

Why is it important to stay updated:


Updating PHP reduces the risk of site hacking and data theft.


Improved loading speed attracts visitors and enhances search engine rankings.


Updating ensures your site is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and its plugins.

Technical Support

We remain available to assist with any issues post-update.


The price for updating the PHP version for WordPress starts from €60. The cost includes analysis of the current version, development of the update plan, the update itself, and testing. Additional services such as backup and technical support are available upon request.

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