What am I offering?

In the modern world of internet technologies, continuous website updates are key to its security and performance. Our service offers comprehensive regular updates of the WordPress core, themes, and plugins, which not only prevent most vulnerabilities from hacker attacks but also ensure the stable operation of your site, its compatibility with the latest web standards and technologies.


Regular updates of the WordPress core, themes, and plugins to ensure security.


Automated and manual monitoring for timely vulnerability detection.


Personalized recommendations for improving site performance.

How it works:

Why it’s important to keep up with updates:


Outdated versions of WordPress, themes, and plugins may contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers to target your site. Regular updates help protect your site from potential threats and malicious attacks.

Stability and performance

Updates include bug fixes and performance improvements, helping your site to operate more stably and efficiently. Bug fixes and code optimization can improve page loading speed and overall site performance.


With each WordPress update, compatibility requirements for themes and plugins may change. Regular updates help maintain your site’s compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and other components, reducing the risk of conflicts and issues.

Support for new features and capabilities

Updates may include new features, interface improvements, and other useful capabilities that can make your site more functional and appealing to users.

Price offer

For the service of regular updates of the WordPress core, themes, and plugins, we offer the following pricing options, designed to meet various needs and budgets of clients. Each service package involves a comprehensive approach to ensuring the security and performance of the site.

Additional Services: We also offer a range of additional services that can be added to any package for an extra fee, including custom development, in-depth SEO audit and optimization, integration with third-party services, and more. For more detailed information about additional services, please contact us.

Note: The final cost may vary depending on the specifics and requirements of your site.

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